• Barry Holleman

Healthcare Generates Hundreds of Exabytes

The Global Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Market was recently published by Orbis Research and predicts that the market will be worth over USD 17 billion by 2024, with an expected growth rate of 40+% over the next five years.

For Healthcare AI applications access to data, collection of patient attributes and the communication of related insights are the key aspects that require the most integration.

"The healthcare industry is estimated to generate data of the volume of hundreds of exabytes and it is expected to reach the measure of zettabytes in the near future. Such large volumes of data need to be stored and accessed at a much faster rate than the current industry standards which can be done by the adoption of AI-powered solutions."

Daniel Faggella from Emerj helps explain what that means and where all the healthcare data comes from "one exabyte of data is equal to one billion gigabytes." Healthcare data may come from wearable devices that patients wear to track different health attributes, Physicians’ notes, electronic medical records, lab results or medication orders.

MUUTAA's platform is the only artificial intelligence platform that provides healthcare stakeholders benefits from insights of pairing medication attributes with patient attributes. With MUUTAA, customers can draw on their data sources that we help enrich and structure. Platform tools deliver the appropriate algorithm for the challenge at hand and display outputs in the users familiar workflow environment, meeting security and privacy requirements.

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