• Barry Holleman

Do you speak AI?

How can you help healthcare professionals, technology companies and consumers understand and increase adoption of artificial intelligence? One of the ways this can be facilitated is by speaking the same language. Richard Staines from Pharmaphorum reports that the

Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has developed the first ever accredited standard for use of artificial intelligence in health care, with input from tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

This standard articulates approved descriptions for expressions we see regularly in the marketplace such as Natural Language Generation, Machine Vision and Neural Networks.

Examples include:

3.25 “Narrow” AI Narrow AI is defined as an application of AI that uses of AI for specific tasks rather than the creation of general AI capabilities. As of 2019, most implementations of “AI” fall under this category.

3.15 Distributed Artificial Intelligence Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) is defined as a class of technologies that solve problems by distributing them to autonomous “agents” that interact with each other. Multi-agent systems (MAS), Agent-based modeling (ABM), and Swarm Intelligence are three useful specifications of this subset, where collective behaviors emerge from the interaction of decentralized self-organized agents.

This standard is just the beginning of several other projects that the CTA's is leading to improve application adoption of this exciting technology in healthcare. So more to come ...

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