MUUTAA offers its customers Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) packaged to address specific problems identified in the medication development & delivery chain.


You select our prepackaged services that you would like to deploy. Our team will engage and execute a proven and robust 3 step feasibility assessment and subsequently manages the full deployment of the solution.  

Our AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) subscription includes continuous validation and finetuning of your models as we understand and follow your ever-evolving reality.


Medication Trial Patient Recruitment Accelerator

Pinpointing the most precise patient matches to clinical trials, valorizing clinical data residing within hospital clinical systems.


Medication Order Verification Cognitive Assistant

Facilitating pharmacists’ workload through faster results for simple verifications and high-level confidence indicators for complex cases.


Medication Deprescribing Cognitive Assistant

Empowering pharmacists with clinical consultation elements to validate with patients including medication reconciliation and adherence.


Medication Trial Feasibility


Accurately assess accrual capabilities in order to successfully negotiate & run profitable clinical trial contracts.


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