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MUUTAA envisions a world where medication and medical supplies reach the consumer with speed, precision, and sustainable simplicity

Medication Deprescribing

"Polypharmacy is widespread and increasingly common, occurring in primary and secondary care, and in care homes for older people. It has become a global issue, particularly, although not exclusively, in Western countries."


Medication Adherence

"Annually in the United States, medication nonadherence accounts for 125,000 deaths, 11% of hospitalizations, and $100 billion to $300 billion in additional spending."


Medication Trial Recruitment

"80% of medication trials fail to meet recruitment criteria. Only 5% of eligible patients are aware of medication trials."


Medication Shortages

“Patients were more commonly reported to have increased out of pocket costs, rates of drug errors, adverse events, mortality, and complaints during times of shortage. There were also reports of equivalent and improved patient outcomes in some cases.”


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